Foreign Policy
Should refugees fleeing instability in their own countries be given immigration priority according to how often they go to church? Add / Read Comments
When you pay a workforce a token wage, and their only freedom is to change from one slave wage job to another, those people are essentially slaves. Add / Read Comments
The "School of the Americas" in Georgia should be shut down. Add / Read Comments
We should assume control of US port terminals and instead turn Iraq over to the Arabs in Dubai. Add / Read Comments
Farmers in Central and South America can't make money competing with government subsidized crops coming from the U.S. Their only alternative is to grow crops that the U.S. government doesn't subsidize, like coca and marijuana. Add / Read Comments
All of this fuss over Bin Laden's driver??? When it comes time for the US to answer for the invasion and occupation of Iraq, should we send the guy who drives Bush's limo to the Hague? Should he be prosecuted for driving Bush around Washington? Is that the best we can do??? Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration should NEVER have been allowed to divert the nation into discussing the merits of the surge. The surge is irrelevant. Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration is finding that NATO leadership is reluctant to help with Afghanistan because it is linked in the public mind with Iraq. How could that have happened??? Add / Read Comments
Make no mistake, NATO is not winning in Afghanistan.” Add / Read Comments
More American troops have died in Iraq in 2007 than in any other year since the occupation began. So much for a decrease in violence. (By the way, the same condition exists in Afghanastan.) Add / Read Comments
The recently debated Colombia Free Trade deal is just another attempt in a long line of attempts by the Republicans to provide cheap labor to American corporations and to drag the American working man down to the level of third world workers. Add / Read Comments
Muslims have the right to rebut articles and images they find offensive using any language they deem appropriate. They DO NOT have the right to respond with violence. Add / Read Comments
Foreigners don't hate America, they hate Bush. Add / Read Comments
More Irony:

You've made terrible choices for your people.
You've isolated your nation.
You've taken a nation of proud and honorable people,
and made your country the pariah of the world.

George W. Bush to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
as relayed by 60 Minutes - CBS - 9/23/07
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America would be best represented on the world stage by the Marine featured on several news reports that flew his helicopter in and out of Pakistan saving people instead of dropping cluster bombs on Iraq and killing people. The sky over Kashmir should have been black with U.S. relief choppers. Add / Read Comments
John Bolton was a prominent figure in the lie-fest that led to Bush's War On Reality (the Iraq invasion) and he has no business anywhere near the United Nations. (It has NOTHING to do with his personality.) Add / Read Comments
The big oil companies helped to fund the election of two oil-men (Enron was Bush/Cheney's biggest contributor in 2000), Cheney allows them to write the country's energy policy, Bush stirs up an enormous amount of instability in the middle east with an unprovoked invasion, and suddenly gas prices are topping $3 per gallon and the oil companies rake in record profits. Who's surprised? Add / Read Comments
As Bush energy policy hold U.S. back, China presses forward towards energy independence. Add / Read Comments
Bush is enthusiastic about elections overseas because he has learned that elections are just one more method of exerting control over who runs countries. (They learned that in Florida in 2000.) Add / Read Comments
It is time for Americans to admit that our government is responsible for the kind of abductions, torture and "disappearances" for which we have long criticized third world dictatorships. Add / Read Comments
US support for the right-wing death squads in Columbia provides more ammunition for recruiters of terrorists around the world and should not be renewed by Congress. Add / Read Comments
What has passed for "progress" in the Middle East region over the last several months is not the result of Bush's invasion of Iraq. Add / Read Comments
When a Timothy McVeigh or an abortion clinic bomber comes along, nobody goes to Billy Graham or the Pope asking how they're going to rein in violent Christians.
Source: "Winning hearts and minds" by Sean Gonsalves - Cape Cod Times - 07.22.05
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Bush's actions on the world stage speak louder than his words in his second inaugural address about liberty and freedom. Add / Read Comments
As a going away present, Bush is going to re-ignite the cold war for us. Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration's claim to support the troops contradicts military officials. Add / Read Comments
The recent attacks in the London transport system demonstrate the impotence of Bush's anti-terrorism policies. Add / Read Comments
To most Americans, the 9/11 attacks seem irrational and unwarranted because most Americans have kept themselves blissfully ignorant about their own government's role in the Middle East during the 20th century. Add / Read Comments
Bush's foreign policy has made us less secure, not more secure. It has succeeded only in alienating our allies and enraging our detractors. Add / Read Comments
Bush is not "bringing up to 70,000 U.S. troops home from bases in Europe and Asia over the coming decade." Add / Read Comments
The fact that torture yields inaccurate intellegence is just fine if inaccurate intellegence is what you are after. Add / Read Comments
Congress has been considering reinstating the draft as early as spring 2005. Add / Read Comments
International newspaper surveys reveal world disdain for Bush. Add / Read Comments
George W. Bush shares many traits with Osama bin Laden Add / Read Comments
The Bush strategy has been to foster an environment of never ending fear, a condition that Americans are neither used to nor comfortable with. Add / Read Comments
George Bush condemns other countries (such as Iraq) for abdicating international treaties, while at the same time he ignores treaties and agreements that the US is committed to. Add / Read Comments
The US Government has a history of backing the wrong side in regional conflicts, only to have to discredit and disarm our former allies later. Add / Read Comments
The only long term solution to Islamic terrorism is a resolution of the Israeli conflict and the end of Western exploitation of the Middle East. Add / Read Comments
US distribution of tobacco in foreign countries is more harmful to those countries than foreign distribution of marijuana is to the US. Add / Read Comments
“Too often elections are equated with democracy and freedom.”

--Robert Gates U.S. Secretary of Defense
Source: "The Education of Robert Gates" - By DAVID BROOKS - NY Times - September 19, 2007

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Robert Gates has no business being anywhere near a seat of power. Add / Read Comments
The "ideological battle of the century" is not between the U.S. and Iraq. It is not between the west and the middle-east. It is not between Christianity and Islam. Instead it is a rejection of economic colonialists by the worlds poor. Add / Read Comments
Who needs the old Soviet "Evil Empire?" We're perfectly capable of locking up and torturing prisoners in Eastern European gulags ourselves. Add / Read Comments
Not even George W. Bush, the stupidest President in modern times, is stupid enough to cast the first veto of his presidency against a bill that would prohibit "cruel, inhuman or degrading" treatment of prisoners in the custody of the U.S. military. Surely not! (Will they spin this as "compassionate torture?") Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration hasn't captured Osama Bin Laden for two reasons. On the smaller scale, it has "outsourced" the job to Pervez Musharraf and his beneficiaries of his military coup in Pakistan, and on the larger scale, it relies on this unlikely ally because Bin Laden provides Bush and the Republicans with a boogie-man to trot out during election cycles. Add / Read Comments
The U.S. support of democracy overseas often leads to unexpected results. Add / Read Comments
George Bush should stop making threats towards the Iranians over nuclear weapons, because he can't do a thing about it and they are likely to call his bluff. Add / Read Comments
It does matter what foreign countries think of America. It matters not only for reasons of stature and respect, it also directly affects our resourses and quality of life. Add / Read Comments
The U.S. should examine its own justice/prison system before condemning those of other coutries. Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration is led, staffed and funded by oil industry insiders that have a vested interest in maintaining our dependence on foreign oil, as well as our reliance on their business partners in Saudi Arabia. Add / Read Comments