Contrary to what Reagan said, government is often the solution. And yes, sometimes the government can spend "your money" better than you can. Add / Read Comments
"The era of big government is over." -- Bill Clinton, 1996

"The era of big government is back." -- SpinShield, 2008
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Among all of the summations…eulogies…whatever... for the Bush administration, this one by William Rivers Pitt for Truthout is our favorite. Let this be the last that we speak of the Bush administration. (Unless of course, there are trials.) Add / Read Comments
Net-neutrality ensures that phone companies don't control what websites you can see. It ensures a level playing field so that small time websites (like SpinShield) can compete with the big-money backed sites. Add / Read Comments
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a very confused individual. Add / Read Comments
No review of the Bush State Of The Union speech here. We have learned through experience that it doesn't matter what Bush says, it matters what Bush does. Add / Read Comments
The recent grounding of comercial airliners is yet another result of an administration that considers industry it's 'customer' rather than taxpayers. Add / Read Comments
Judge John Robert's appontment to the Supreme Court is in part payback for his work in the Florida election-fix of 2000. Add / Read Comments
Even Nixon didn't destroy the tapes! Add / Read Comments
When Bush says he doesn't want to play the "blame game," he means he doesn't want to play the "accountablility game." Add / Read Comments
Next thing to watch for…privatization of the reconstruction of New Orleans. The Republican led Congress will appropriate billions that will be divided into no-bid contracts that go to big Republican donors. Add / Read Comments
Did Bush really veto the S-CHIP bill because it helped too many people??? Add / Read Comments
If collusion between the Bush administration and the big telecom for the purpose of tapping domestic phone and email traffic was not illegal, then why is the Bush administration so adamantly insisting on legal immunity for the telecom companies?

To keep them from testifying, of course!
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Bush administration policies are eroding the long held U.S. position of supremacy in scientific achievement. Add / Read Comments
Will Bush next contemplate bombing Al Franken? Add / Read Comments
The energy bill crafted by the Bush administration and its allies in Congress gives away billions to the oil and gas industry while doing almost nothing to curb U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration is using military contractors to funnel taxpayers money into Republican party coffers. Add / Read Comments
Morality is not the same thing as sexual abstinence. Add / Read Comments
Admissions from former administration spokesman Scott McClellan confirm criminal acts by those at the top of the Bush administration. Add / Read Comments
George W. Bush (who was not really even elected President of the U.S.) has been acting like he is President of the World. He apparantly has now decieded that he is President of the Universe! Add / Read Comments
Earmarks are not the cause of the federal deficit. Add / Read Comments
Bush commuted Libby's sentence so prosecutors couldn't use his jail term as leverage to coerce him into telling what he knows about illegal White House operations. Add / Read Comments
Never mind Scooter Libby. Why aren't Richard Armtage and Karl Rove on their way to prison too? They're the ones that revealed the name of a covert CIA agent. Add / Read Comments
Government's role is not to get out of the way and let business and entrepreneurs do their work. It is to regulate and supervise business and entrepreneurs so that the general public is not endangered by environmental contamination and by dangerous consumer products. Add / Read Comments
The Republican Party is not the party of smaller, limited government. Nor is it the party of limited government interference in the lives of ordinary Americans. Add / Read Comments
Bush's tax policies have not lowered your total tax bill, and the Iraq invasion has not decreased the likelihood of a terrorist attack. Add / Read Comments
Britain’s new Prime Minister Gordon Brown appears to be inclined to handle the recent attempted London car bombings as a crime (which they were) rather than the beginning of the apocalypse (which they were not.) Hopefully we have entered a period in Great Britain where cooler heads will prevail. Add / Read Comments
George Bush lives in a world where ideological certitude and self-delusion replace evidence and facts. (Welcome to the "War On Reality.") Add / Read Comments
Despite Director Hayden's reassurance that things have changed since the early days, the CIA is still the biggest criminal organization in the world. Add / Read Comments
The current Republican party is a radical entity that does not accept the legitimacy of the American way, and is bent on overthrowing it. Add / Read Comments
Social Security - 1
Bush says he doesn't want to push the Social Security problem into the future. But his solution is to borrow massive amounts of money, which is exactly that…pushing the problem into the future.
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Social Security - 2
The Democrats DO have a plan to save Social Security.
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Social Security - 3
The president who brought you Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction now brings you Social Security's Imminent Bankruptcy. Social Security privatization will result in less cost efficient management and a siphoning of retirement resources by for-profit financial industries.
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Social Security - 4
Bush's Social Security privatization plan WILL affect people over 55 years old.
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Social Security - 5
The real strategy behind privatization of Social Security is to immerse millions of people into the stock market so that they will balk when it comes time to hold corporations accountable.
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Social Security - 6
Bush's latest proposal to means-test Social Security payments is yet another attempt to undermine middle-class support for Social Security.
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Your tax dollars at work… (or … How do I get that job???) Add / Read Comments
The new Supreme Court -- Bushes Revenge. Add / Read Comments
Cheney should be pressed to defend his Congressional voting record. Add / Read Comments
Bush proposes "Cheney's Cronies' Revenge Act" in State Of The Union speech. Add / Read Comments
Have the Democrats in congress finally found their spines? Will Reid and Pelosi really refuse to send funding bills to Bush that don't include timelines for withdrawal? Stay tuned! Add / Read Comments
Dick Cheney is a part-time Vice President who dutifully uses his influence in the administration to benefit his primary employer Halliburton, a supplier of oil production equipment and military support services. Add / Read Comments
Alberto Gonzales, Bush's nominee for U.S. Attorney General, is a bald-faced liar. Add / Read Comments
The Republican method of governance has a lot in common with corporate executives that loot corporations for their own benefit. Add / Read Comments
A half dozen cats die from tainted pet food and of course we remove those dangerous products from our shelves. 30,000 PEOPLE die each year from gun wounds, but we leave those dangerous products on the shelves. Add / Read Comments
Expecting industries to "self-regulate" is a joke. Add / Read Comments
Each generation has a responsibility to pass along the natural environment to the next generation in a condition as good or better than it was received. Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration has vehemently resisted revealing to the courts (even a secret one) who they are wiretapping. Who are they spying on? What do they have to hide? Add / Read Comments
Why can't Karl Rove and Harriet Miers go before the congress (and the American people), put their hand on the Bible and tell the truth? Add / Read Comments
The issue of the fired US Attorneys is important because it is only one element of the larger issue of rigged elections in the US. Add / Read Comments
A president that can break the law and shield anyone who could testify against him with "executive privilege," and a president who can order his apparatchiks to break the law with the understanding that they will be pardoned if convicted. is not a president. He is a King. Add / Read Comments
In a monarchy, the people are subject to the will of the government. In America, the government is subject to the will of the people. Add / Read Comments
Gasses released into the atmosphere by man-made processes are contributing to the gradual warming of the planet, a phenomenon called global warming. Add / Read Comments
America has a president. America does not have a king that can throw people in a dungeon without trial, who can secretly spy on citizens, or who can single handedly start wars. Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration is doing everything it can to keep the American public from learning the truth about the relationship between carbon emissions and global warming. Add / Read Comments
Late Show Top Ten --
Top Ten George W. Bush Solutions For Global Warming
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Patrick Fitzgerald indicted the puppet and let the puppeteer go. Hopefully his strategy is to hang a long enough prison sentence around Scooter Libby's neck to convince him to testify against members of an administration that let him take the fall for the lies that led to the invasions of Afghanastan and Iraq. And hopefully that strategy will work. Add / Read Comments
Allocating vouchers to parents for private school tuition will not fix the problems in our education system. Add / Read Comments
Ronald Reagan's legacy has been whitewashed for the benefit of those of us who have no memory. Add / Read Comments
US web users roundly condemn the Chinese government for forcing Google to censor its search results in China, while at the same time Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez continues to demand that Google turn over the search parameters of millions of Google users to the Bush administration in an attempt to prevent web users from seeing certain sites. Add / Read Comments
Abstinence-only sex education is just a ruse for excluding real sex education from schools. Add / Read Comments
The Ten Commandments are a religious proclaimation. They should not be promoted or endorsed by any arm of government and they should not be displayed in any government arena. Add / Read Comments
Where are… Add / Read Comments
As long as Bush is in the White House and Republicans control the government, you should cook all pre-processed meat thoroughly. Add / Read Comments
Bush and Gonzalez should not work so hard to diminish the rights of defendents in criminal trials. Soon they may BE defendents! Add / Read Comments
9/11 did not "change everything." Most things are still the same. Add / Read Comments
Bush has the National Guard building levees in Iraq so we don’t have to fight the water in New Orleans. Add / Read Comments
Secretary of State designate Condolezza Rice summarized the entire first Bush term with one statement during her Senate confirmation on January 19th, 2005. "There were problems with intellengence," said Dr. Rice. Add / Read Comments
America devotes only about 0.25% of its federal budget to foreign aid, contrary to popular belief which is that American aid is around 25% Add / Read Comments
State governments are stepping in to curb auto emissions where the federal government has succumed to corporate pressure and failed to act. Add / Read Comments
Where in the Constitution is Congress given the authority to regulate Major League Baseball? Add / Read Comments
The duty of the courts is to uphold the Constitution, not to uphold unconstitutional laws passed by Congress. Add / Read Comments
Courts should be evidence-based, not faith-based. Add / Read Comments
Senate Democrats have been restrained in restricting Bush's extremist judicial nominees from the federal bench. Add / Read Comments