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Gender IS binary. Period. Add / Read Comments
Britney Spears. Who cares? Add / Read Comments
There are two kinds of people . . . Add / Read Comments
You do not HAVE to be on Facebook. It is not a requirement. Add / Read Comments
What if you could design a 3-D printer that would… Add / Read Comments
The fundamental promise of the founding of America was the seperation of wealth and rights. Add / Read Comments
"Stay-at-home" is not a job. To say that "stay-at-home" is a job demeans every woman (and man) who gets up every morning and goes to a job, whether or not they have kids at home. Add / Read Comments
On football: Add / Read Comments
The culture wars of the '60s are over. Add / Read Comments
The United States is NOT "Number 1" by any quantifiable measure (except military spending.) As a matter of fact, we rank rather low on most measurable scales. Add / Read Comments
The term "liberal elite" is an oxymoron. Add / Read Comments
If three-strikes-and-you're-out is better than subjective sentencing, then why isn't two-strikes-and-you're-out better than three? Why isn't one better than two? Why isn't suspicion better than one? But can we really punish people because they might cause physical injury or property damage or even death? Because they are statistically more likely to? Because we perceive that they might have a propensity to? In America???

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? Had you caused physical injury or property damage or even death? No. You were punished because, in theory, you MIGHT.
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If Jesus had had a handgun, would he have won? Add / Read Comments
What is news? Add / Read Comments
Math is not fuzzy. Aging is not graceful. Greed is not good. Destruction is not creative. It's not hip to be square. Money does not equal speech. A man in a wig and a dress is not a woman. Conservatism is not compassionate. Intoxicated consent is still consent. News is not fake. Facebook is not news. Disco still sucks. Add / Read Comments
Never underestimate the ignorance of the American people. Add / Read Comments
Hillary Clinton is the Yoko Ono of this era. Add / Read Comments
When people say "It's not the money, it's the principle of the thing" they usually mean "It's the money." Add / Read Comments
I don't want to be in the mainstream. (Bill Maher) Add / Read Comments
Maybe we should assassinate Pat Robertson. Add / Read Comments
The quality of bottled water is less reliable than that of tap water. Add / Read Comments
All of the people on Pluto are pissed!
Pluto has seceded from the Solar System.
(take your pick)
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It's good that we don't rely on computers to create the beer. (Actually, at some level, we probably do…) Add / Read Comments
Lysergic acid diethylamide may be right for you.
Ask your doctor
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White males are not a persecuted minority. Add / Read Comments
"Flat" is the new "up." Add / Read Comments
The phrase "carrot-and-stick" is the most misappropriated phrase in current discourse. Add / Read Comments
No wonder Americans are so fat, our food is so damned good! Add / Read Comments
Modern medicine doesn't prolong life, it prolongs death. Add / Read Comments
If women ran the world, it would be a better place. Add / Read Comments
In marriage, the woman picks the man. In prostitution, the man picks the woman. Add / Read Comments
To women, having an affair is a sign of weakness. To men, having an affair is a sign of strength. Add / Read Comments
We should phase out beverages sold in glass bottles. All beverages should be distributed in plastic bottles or aluminum cans. Add / Read Comments
What is a "hippie?" Add / Read Comments
The astounding commercial success of Michael Jackson (as well as Madonna, Prince and others in the models-as-musicians mold) is overwhelming evidence that the music programs in the public schools aren't doing their job. Add / Read Comments
You're a liberal if ..… Add / Read Comments
I don't think progressives should make a big issue out of whether or not SpongeBob is gay . Let's just admit that he is and move on. Add / Read Comments
Communism and slavery are exact opposites. Add / Read Comments
How about adult-only long haul airline flights? Add / Read Comments
The right wing's anti-gay rhetoric is in at least some instances a case of the guilty dog barking loudest. Add / Read Comments
Spinshield projections for the next two years. (From 2006) Add / Read Comments