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Republicans are railing against President Biden's "Build Back Better" plan because they're concerned about the national deficit. But Republicans are actually responsible for the majority of the national debt. Add / Read Comments
Covid-19 is nature`s way of raising the collective IQ of society by killing off stupid people. Add / Read Comments
Just read on Facebook that people for who refuse to get a Covid-19 vaccine have another choice. According to multiple postings, the vaccine hesitant can simply consume horse excrement, which will ward off the virus, and even alleviate Covid-19 symptoms among those who have become infected.

So if you are among those who refuse to get vaccinated, you can just eat shit. It's all over social media, so it must be true!

This is satire. Please don't try this!
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The Covid-19 policies of Republican governors are killing off their own voters. What kind of reelection strategy is that??? Add / Read Comments
The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was a 20 year long clusterfuck. It ended with a clusterfuck. Surprise, surprise! Add / Read Comments
The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was never a "war on terror." It was a war to generate federal contracts for Dick Cheney's cronies. Add / Read Comments
On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we remember the fourth plane that crashed in Shanksville, PA was likely headed to a crash landing into the Capitol building in Washington D.C.

It only took 20 years for right-wing terrorists to break into the Capitol, vandalize it and threaten the lives of those same congressmen and senators. The January 6th attack on the Capitol was an attempt to complete the thwarted mission of the Shanksville highjackers.
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“My goal today is to convince you that this court is not comprised of a bunch of partisan hacks,”
--Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett - University of Louisville's McConnell Center (Yes, that McConnell) Sept. 12, 2021

{The fact that she thought she needed to say that tells us all we need to know.}
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The Republican party is not the pro-life party. It is the pro-death party. Add / Read Comments
For Texas voters: Add / Read Comments
Here's an idea to decrease the cost of the Corona Relief Bill by almost half: Since Republican elected officials are uniformly against the $1400 individual payments, don't send the payments to anyone who voted for Republicans.

Also, only give raises to workers making less than $15 per hour that voted for Democrats.
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Trump who? Add / Read Comments
Is it Halloween? Do these guys realize how silly they look? Add / Read Comments
The Republican party is NOT the party of lower deficits. Add / Read Comments
Each day, Trump is more untethered from reality. Add / Read Comments
Reelect Trump? Add / Read Comments
Trump is not a decisive leader who "tells it like it is." Add / Read Comments
Trump is unfit to be president. Add / Read Comments
Trump simply makes things up on the spot in order to create a fantasy world for his base. Add / Read Comments
Trumps tax cuts primarily benefited the super-wealthy. His tariffs are taxes on consumers, which means primarily you and me.

Typical Republican strategy -- cut taxes for the rich, raise taxes on workers and the middle class.
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Is the violence associated with Black Lives Matter and other protests against police brutality justified? Add / Read Comments
People who insist that religion will protect them from Covid-19 should be allowed to congregate in their churches without employing any protective measures. Add / Read Comments
With the election of President Trump (not to mention the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court), allegations of sexual assault are no longer a factor in political campaigns. They apparently don't count. Add / Read Comments
When you hear the term "essential workers," think "sacrificial workers." Add / Read Comments
In fact, it's typically "blue" states that are propping up "red" states. Add / Read Comments
As the world emerges from the current Covid-19 pandemic, we should review strategies that enabled us to recover, and retain the ones that improved daily lives and global conditions. Add / Read Comments
We are living through a national trauma during which John Bolton is the "good guy." Think about that. Add / Read Comments
We don't need an impeachment to overturn the will of the 2016 voters. The Electoral College has already done that. Add / Read Comments
A majority of the American people agree with planks in the Democratic Party platform. Add / Read Comments
This is the first time we have simply re-published an entire op-ed piece. But it is so good, it is included here in it's entirety, unedited.
It was written by Alex Kingsbury, a member of the NY Times editorial board, published on July 16, 2019.
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The current "economic boom" is not as beneficial to average workers as it is portrayed. Add / Read Comments
Trump inherited a healthy economy from Obama. How long will it take him to break it? Add / Read Comments
The Muller Report does NOT exonerate Trump. Add / Read Comments
From an observation point in the US, it's hard to say exactly what's going on in Venezuela. But anyone who trusts John Bolton and Elliot Abrams hasn't been paying attention for the last 30 years. Add / Read Comments
It is way past time to dismantle the electoral college. Add / Read Comments
Terrified of "socialism?" First, define socialism. Add / Read Comments
You haven't been convicted of a crime, but you're still wearing the equivalent of an ankle monitor that tracks you and records everywhere you go. Add / Read Comments
"Promises made. Promises kept." Not so much . . . Add / Read Comments
Trump is no friend of the working class. Add / Read Comments
Disarm the Nazis. Add / Read Comments
Trump is attempting to undermine the civilian leadership in Germany, currently led by Chancellor Angela Merkel. He is promoting far-right anti-immigrant politicians who are attempting to take over the country.

A far-right, nationalistic demagogue coming to power in Germany? What could go wrong there?
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If Russia and its orbit were to maneuver one of its operatives into the US Presidency, the strategy and the results would resemble what President Trump has done. Add / Read Comments
Facebook is an addictive and inherently destructive mass surveillance system.

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Of course Russian agents are exploiting Facebook, Twitter and all manner of social media to influence Americans, especially during election seasons. That's their job. Blame instead Americans who opt to participate in so called "social media" and subject themselves to the propaganda. They are the ones who should know better.

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A social media website, including Facebook . . . ESPECIALLY Facebook . . . is not the place to get news and information.
(Really, who would ever think that it is???)

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Republicans in congress want your internet provider to be able to track and sell information about the websites you visit. Add / Read Comments
Gun-control laws work. Add / Read Comments
Arbitration clauses in contracts that Americans are de facto forced to sign, take away their constitutional right to have grievances heard in a court of law. These clauses also force people who have been harmed by corporations to challenge them individually rather than as a group (or class), reducing their chances for recompense to nil. Add / Read Comments
Everytime one of the big three credit reporting agencies -- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion -- sell information about you, YOU should get a check. (Or a direct deposit, since they obviously already have access to your bank account.) Each time they profit from information about you, THEY should have to pay YOU a royalty. Add / Read Comments
In 2016, the Democratic presidential candidate got the most votes, but the Republican candidate took office. In the last several congressional elections, Democratic candidates have gotten the most votes, yet the Republicans control the House. That's banana republic stuff. Add / Read Comments
The myths that the Democratic party must abandon if it wants to start winning elections . . . Add / Read Comments
Why we must resist Trumpism. Add / Read Comments
"Lock him up! Lock him up!" Add / Read Comments
Every good slight-of-hand artist knows how to distract with one hand while picking a pocket with the other. Trump is a world class con-man. Add / Read Comments
The people who were conned into voting for Trump will be among the first to suffer. It's hard not to gloat at their misfortune.

Have you ever caught yourself wishing that ignorance was painful? Looks like it can be!
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A person residing in the US has a higher chance of being struck by lightning than being killed by a foreign terrorist.
(Or dying from Ebola.)
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It is time to rethink the way our society is policed. Add / Read Comments
If Bruce Jenner can self-identify as a woman, why can't Rachel Dolezal self-identify as black? Add / Read Comments
The recent controversy over FIFA officials is of no significance. At its core is a bunch of grown men running around in a field chasing a ball, which is of course of no significance. Anything based on something insignificant is inherently insignificant.

(By the way, "deflate-gate" is stupid too.)
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Americans are by-and-large left of center, and if the Democratic party would associate itself with left wing policies enthusiastically instead of apologetically, it would win elections. Add / Read Comments
To which president does this paragraph in a recent news article refer?

"Now, well into {his} presidency, reality has sunk in. Those on the streets have returned to shoulder-shrugging, hoping that at least some of {his} promises will be fulfilled. As has often been the case over the last decade, the president has found himself embroiled in rear-guard actions with hard-liners who control most power centers in the country."
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Federal borrowing is, at its root, a transfer of money from workers to the aristocracy. Add / Read Comments
The neo-cons were not right all along on Iraq. They were wrong on virtually every contention. They have NOT earned the right to say "I told you so." During the whole debacle, the withdrawal in 2011 is the only thing the US did that made any sense. Add / Read Comments
The US did not "win" or "lose" in Iraq. It was not a game. The US invaded, killed a lot of people, found no weapons of mass destruction, and eventually left. Add / Read Comments
Let's see. . .

Who said back in 2002 that the Iraq invasion was a big mistake, that at some point we'd leave and they'd still be there, and that all of the weapons we provided our "allies" would just saturate the country with death and destruction?

Oh yeah . . . the millions of us around the world who were RIGHT ALL ALONG!
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Irony alert:
Does anyone remember a time when high schoolers were warned to stay away from marijuana because it could result in brain damage? Meanwhile, pot smokers were advised to emulate the high school football players?
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Nixon's first drug czar dead at 87. Good riddance! (And take Nixon with you!) Add / Read Comments
This is what small government looks like . . .
Veterans’ demand for medical services is soaring.
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Can we please not pretend that Bradley Manning is a girl … and not call him "Chelsea?" Please? Add / Read Comments
Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He cannot be President. Period. Add / Read Comments
American corporations do not pay higher taxes than in other parts of the developed world. Instead of cutting corporate tax rates, we should be closing corporate tax loopholes. Add / Read Comments
Over 30,000 Americans die each year from gun violence. Meanwhile, many gun rights advocates insist that they must be allowed to harbor personal arsenals in order to protect themselves (and presumably the rest of us) from some conquest by the police, the military, or even some UN sponsored brigade of jack-booted thugs with black helicopters. Or something.

The gun deaths are real, while the threatened take-over exists only in their minds.

They are asking us to ignore a real problem because of an imagined one.

They have lost the ability to discern the real from the vividly imagined.

They are insane.
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If the first option the US is going to consider to prolong the life of Social Security is to increase the retirement age, then some provision must be made to ensure that there are jobs for Americans who are nearing the end of their career years. Add / Read Comments
The US is going off the "fiscal cliff." Yes, the world is coming to an end. Again. Add / Read Comments
Gerrymandering is turning America into a "banana republic."
Voters in the 2012 election didn't really vote for a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. But gerrymandered districts allowed them to retain control.
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Hispanics, Blacks and Asians are not "parasites" who need to be taken care of by white men -- "producers" in the parlance of some. Add / Read Comments
Paul Ryan is not really a "numbers guy," he just plays one on TV. Add / Read Comments
It took Clinton 12 years to clean up Reagan's mess. Could we really have expected Obama to clean up Bush's (much bigger) mess in 4 years? (And if he fails, is the best strategy really to bring back the Bush team?) Add / Read Comments
There is nothing democratic about religion, and there is nothing religious about democracy. Add / Read Comments
Yes, America is better off than it was four years ago. Add / Read Comments
A nation that is truly exceptional doesn't have to tout its exceptionalism. Add / Read Comments
Five members of the US Supreme Court are either ignorant, stupid or overtly corrupt. Add / Read Comments
Republicans praise Ronald Reagan as the greatest modern American president, while in the next breath they bloviate about how the federal debt is the worst problem facing America. What they seem to forget is that Ronald Reagan was the father of the modern federal debt. Add / Read Comments
Since President Obama took office, domestic oil production has increased while foreign oil imports have decreased. Oil prices are up because of the increase in global demand and because of market speculation. Add / Read Comments
Republicans lament a president who wants to imitate European economic models. But which party wants to imitate the austerity now being tried in many southern European countries. (And BTW, how is that working out for them?) Add / Read Comments
Since Republicans are proposing that women must have an ultrasound before having an abortion, how about a rule for men too? Before a man can masturbate, he has to go to a doctor and view an ultrasound of each sperm that he is about to kill. (And his insurance won't pay for it.) Add / Read Comments
Nuclear power may or may not be part of a comprehensive energy program for the future, but it is neither inexpensive nor pollution free. Add / Read Comments
Despite requirements in campaign finance law, there is abundant coordination between so-called "super pacs" and the campaigns that they support. Add / Read Comments
Democrats are actually the party of "small government," at least where individual liberties are concerned. Add / Read Comments
Republican politicians think that the Citizens United decision (which allows for unlimited campaign spending by wealthy donors during political campaigns) is great, until wealthy donors spend unlimited amounts to demonize them. Add / Read Comments
It's not the Democrats who divide the country by talking of class warfare. It's the Republicans who divide the country by waging class warfare.

Pointing out that plutocrats have corrupted the government so that they pay a smaller percentage of their income in taxes than working people is not class warfare.
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We live in an era when the government has access to money at very low interest rates, unemployment is high, and our infrastructure is crumbling. It is self evident that the government should borrow money and put people to work repairing our infrastructure. Add / Read Comments
Want to see what it looks like when government is run like a business? Look at Ireland, Greece and Spain. Add / Read Comments
Repressive governments like the Chinese restrict access to the internet because it is a threat to their political ideology, and thus their power. The US government want's to restrict access to the internet (via House bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act, and the Senate bill, the Protect IP Act) because it is a threat to their money (via their campaign contributors) and thus their power. Add / Read Comments
This period in American history may well be termed "The Great Humbling" as the American middle class loses its grasp on prosperity. Add / Read Comments
The pig (and I use that term without meaning any insult to the four legged kind) that is featured spraying these unarmed students on the campus of UC Davis should be prosecuted. Every pig that stood around watching and did not intervene should be fired, and should never again be issued a badge and a gun.

This is a photo of a CRIME SCENE.
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The concept of an "Occupy" movement is nothing new. Add / Read Comments
The principals being espoused by the Occupy Wall Street movement are not fringe ideas. Add / Read Comments
Irony alert:
The people that Republicans refer to as "job creators" are actually "job eliminators."
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Whether or not the death penalty is justifiable, it is nowhere near the biggest problem with the American justice system. Add / Read Comments
Wonder what government would look like under a Rick Perry administration? Just look at government in Texas. Add / Read Comments
If "anti-intellectualism" isn't a synonym for "ignorance," then what does it mean? Add / Read Comments
Nothing significant is going to happen in Washington until we've gone through another election cycle and the pendulum has swung decisively in one direction or the other. Until then, get used to gridlock and stagnation. Add / Read Comments
The recent debt reduction bill created a "super congress" committee of 12 that has been assigned to come up with over $1 trillion in spending cuts. If they fail, a provision in the bill will trigger automatic spending cuts of over $1 trillion. The whole thing is just theater. Add / Read Comments
Standard & Poor's was a co-conspirator in the mortgage scheme. They took money from the big banks and then rated the junk securities the banks created from liar loans as safe investments. They shouldn't be taken seriously. At the very least they should be heavily regulated. More probably they should be indited. Add / Read Comments
Foreign aid from the U.S. is not propping up the rest of the world. In fact, the rest of the world is propping up the U.S. Add / Read Comments
Rising income inequality is a trend that is self expanding. Add / Read Comments
The recent Republican bluff over shutting down the government had nothing to do with balancing the budget. The real intent was to redirect money away from working people to the military-industrial-complex. Add / Read Comments
Republicans are not threatening the debt ceiling because they want to balance the budget. The spending cuts that they are insisting on are offset by tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy that they are also insisting on. Their ultimate goal is to shift the cost of government from those who benefit the most to those who benefit the least. Add / Read Comments
America is not broke. Actually, America is one of the most wealthy nations on earth. We are awash in money.

The problem is not one of volume, it is one of distribution. The vast majority of America's wealth is concentrated amongst a few aristocratic families.

The solution is to make the tax structure more progressive, so that the huge fortunes horded by a few people can be used to benefit the larger society.
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The federal government isn't broke because our poor people have too much money. Add / Read Comments
The US economy did not reach the brink of collapse because government retirees are too rich. Add / Read Comments
The current wave of union bashing is an attempt to turn one sector or workers (private) against another (public) while the plutocracy sits back and watches them race each other to the bottom. Add / Read Comments
Why would anyone want to retain the Bush era tax structure instead of returning to the Clinton era tax structure? Or the Bush era anything for that matter? Doesn't anyone remember the 90's? Add / Read Comments
No Republican has yet passed the "Honest Republican" test: "What spending do you want to cut?" Add / Read Comments
The loud noise Republicans are making to ban earmarks is just a distraction. Add / Read Comments
The deficit reduction plan proposed by the Bowles-Simpson commission is not a serious proposal. Add / Read Comments
The Republican House plan seems to be reducing the deficit, while repealing the health care bill and cutting taxes for the wealthy. Those two goals are contradictory. That is simply a breach of logic. Add / Read Comments
Republican policies over the last decade, and the cost of the two wars, added far more to the deficit than initiatives approved by the Democratic Congress since 2006. Add / Read Comments
Letting the tax cuts on the 3% of wage earners who make over $250,000 per year will not significantly deter hiring.

If you think that raising taxes on the wealthy curtails job growth, then how do you explain the record setting job growth during the Clinton administration, when taxes on the wealthy were higher?
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The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) that bailed out the big Wall Street banks was passed under Bush, NOT under Obama. Is this country suffering from collective amnesia???

Also, the Obama stimulus plan was actually the second stimulus plan. Doesn't anybody remember the $500 checks that we all got from Bush?
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Republican-speak: "Live within our means"
Translation: "Further contract the economy"
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Someone should remind Mitch McConnell that he is still in the Senate MINORITY. Add / Read Comments
Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks (the self-appointed "Tea Party" leadership), refers to incoming house members as "legislative entrepreneurs." Think about that. Add / Read Comments
There is no "government takeover of healthcare." Add / Read Comments
The stimulus DID work. The hemorrhaging of jobs during the end of the Bush years has been stanched. The economy is now creating jobs. Had the stimulus bill been larger, job growth might well have been more robust. Add / Read Comments
One third of the "Obama Stimulus Package" was tax cuts for the middle class. Add / Read Comments
The total number of government workers in America has been falling, not rising, under Mr. Obama. […]Total government payrolls have fallen by more than 350,000 since January 2009. Add / Read Comments
If there is indeed a consistent difference between wages in the public and private sectors and if the goal is to equalize them, why not work to increase wages in the private sector rather than decrease wages in the public sector? Why force working people into a race to the bottom? That only contributes to further contraction of the economy. Add / Read Comments
There is no "Tea Party." There is a Republican Party. Add / Read Comments

The so-called "Tea Party" is the ideological descendent of the old Dixiecrats, which were the ideological descendent of the old John Birchers, which were the ideological descendent of the KKK, which were the ideological descendent of the old Confederacy.

And the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.
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We live in a world where people live like dogs, and where dogs live like people.

If you're so smart, explain that…
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If it's a bad idea to allow a mosque to be built near "ground zero," is it also a bad idea to allow a Fox News station to be built near the IRS building in Austin, Texas? Add / Read Comments
Sarah Palin (or any Alaskan for that matter) complaining about federal spending is an exercise in hypocrisy. Add / Read Comments
We will have completed our transition to fascism (i.e. corporate control of government) when American corporations have their own militaries. Add / Read Comments
When the Senate resumes in 2011, it should reject the rule requiring 60 votes to break a filibuster, so that bills can pass with a simple majority of 51 votes. Add / Read Comments
Goldman Sachs purportedly made $15 million trading in subprime mortgage securities. The SEC fined it half million dollars. What kind of signal does that send??? Add / Read Comments
The gulf oil spill (and the financial meltdown, and the e-coli in the peanut butter, and the cars that accelerate uncontrollably, etc.) demonstrates that it's time once again for government to be on the backs of corporate America. Add / Read Comments
The two options that have been proposed to limit carbon emissions are (1) a carbon tax on anything that emits carbon, or (2) a cap-and-trade system where entities that emit carbon amounts above their allocation purchase permits from more efficient entities.

There is no "cap-and-tax" proposal. Anyone who attempts to introduce that term into the discussion is simply tying to confuse the issue.
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Republicans are aghast at $32 billion in new debt to pay for unemployment benefits. But $80 billion in new debt for the occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq are no problem. And $650 billion in new debt to cover tax cuts for the rich is just great! Add / Read Comments
The president of the United States has fired a battlefield commanding General because of an article published by Rolling Stone magazine? Rolling Stone? Really??? Add / Read Comments
The real shakedown occurs when "Smokey" Joe Barton (R-Tx) solicits campaign contributions from oil companies. Add / Read Comments
Was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 a government takeover of private business? Has Rand Paul simply carried the conservative philosophy to its logical conclusion? Add / Read Comments
Arizona's new immigration law is not really a new law at all. It's always been illegal to be in the country illegally. This law simply extends enforcement from the federal level down to the state and local level. Add / Read Comments
If the oil well is too far underwater for the oil company to repair, then the oil is too deep underwater for the oil company to drill. Add / Read Comments
The solution to our terrorism problem isn't to confiscate grandmas nail clipper at the airport. The long term solution is to reverse the foreign policy direction that we've been pursuing for the last 60 years and stop making enemies all over the world. Add / Read Comments
We must be certain that a government bureaucrat can never get between a patient and a doctor when making a decision ,,, about abortion. Add / Read Comments
How many American troops will it take to make the Afghans want to be ruled by a strong central government run by a corrupt Bush-crony American puppet? (Hint: The answer is something above 68,000.) Add / Read Comments
Afghan president Hamid Karzai learned election procedures well from his American benefactors George Bush and Karl Rove. Add / Read Comments
You can be sure that we have a bloated military budget that will eventually bankrupt the country when the government presents a year-over-year increase of $654 billion to $680 billion as a great victory in spending cuts. (Can these people not do simple math???) Add / Read Comments
It's wrong for a conservatives tax dollars to fund abortions via a public healthcare option. But it's OK for a progressives tax dollars to fund the slaughter of tens of thousands of people via the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Add / Read Comments
We elect a black president, and there's a vehement backlash in the old Confederacy *. Didn't see that coming, did you? I'm shocked! Shocked!
*not still geographically restricted to (but still primarily located in) the old south
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At Obama events, opponents show up with semi-automatic rifles and hand guns, and are not confronted by authorities. At Bush events, opponents showed up with anti-Bush t-shirts and were arrested. Add / Read Comments
The decade of the 2000s (with apologies to Pete Townshend and the Who) was the decade when we learned that we would indeed "get fooled again." Add / Read Comments
2000 - 2009 -- The Lost Decade Add / Read Comments
The socialist president? Oh… mean Bush. Add / Read Comments
If you're a conservative who's concerned about the ever increasing national debt, then you want insurance reform to include a public option. (Which actually puts you in the majority.) Add / Read Comments
Real health care reform wouldn't require $1 trillion in new revenues over 10 years. It wouldn't require ANY new money. In fact, it would result in a 50% SAVING. Add / Read Comments
Healthcare in the U.S. is already rationed. Add / Read Comments
Around a third of our healthcare system is already "socialized." Add / Read Comments
If you're over 65 and using your Medicare benefits, you have no right to tell the rest of us that socialized medicine is bad. Put your "Obama is a Nazi" sign down, sit down and shut up. Add / Read Comments
Obama does not want to kill your grandma. (Does anybody really believe this stuff???) Add / Read Comments
America does not have "the best healthcare system in the world." Add / Read Comments
Employer based health care is a remnant of the old plantation mentality. Add / Read Comments
The same people who are screaming about the $1 billion-plus price tag for health care reform didn't voice any concern over the $1.8 billion price tag of Bushes tax cuts for the rich. Add / Read Comments
The reason that we will never get meaningful healthcare reform (among other things) is that our government is corrupt to the core. It has been bribed and bought-off by corporations and the oligarchy. The fix is in! Add / Read Comments
More Spot The Irony
Many Taliban fighters, [Richard C. Holbrooke, Mr. Obama’s special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan] said, "fight because they’re misguided, or because they want a job."
Source: "U.S. Military Says Its Force in Afghanistan Is Insufficient " By HELENE COOPER - NY Times - August 23, 2009
Add / Read Comments
Af-Pak Special Representative Richard Holbrooke's describes success in Afghanistan as, "We'll know it when we see it."

Add / Read Comments
As it turns out, it isn't the Democratic party that is the party of big spenders. Add / Read Comments
Working class people who identify with the Republican party labor under the mistaken impression that their hard work will be rewarded with upward class mobility. Restaurant kitchens and dish rooms, hotel maid rosters, construction sites retail outlets, etc. are filled with the hardest working people in America, most of whom will never achieve any sort of financial security beyond their next paycheck, much less financial wealth. Add / Read Comments
We borrow billions per day, much of it from the Chinese, to fund a bloated military budget, which amounts to as much as the combined defense budgets of the rest of the developed world, which funnels millions into for-profit defense contractors, to build airplanes and other weapons systems that are designed to combat THE CHINESE. Add / Read Comments
Who owns America? Add / Read Comments
Hawaii is part of the United States.
Anyone born in a part of the United States is a US citizen.
Obama was born in Hawaii.
Therefore Obama is a US citizen.
Add / Read Comments
The power to "print" money should be taken away from the Fed and returned to the federal government, where it existed before 1913, and where the constitution places it. Add / Read Comments
Could a modern democracy succumb to Fascism? Add / Read Comments
Judiciary committee-speak translation:
What they say: "Judge without bias"
What they mean: " Judge with the bias of a rich white male."
Add / Read Comments
If politics truly had no place in law enforcement and judicial decisions, then half of the Bush administration would be in prison right now. Add / Read Comments
When Republicans are in a position to nominate a Supreme Court justice, they don't mind so much a judicial nominee who is a judicial activist and will "legislate from the bench." Add / Read Comments
From the perspective of a global audience, it seems impossible that the people of Iran reelected Ahmadinejad. Either the race was rigged, or the people there have lost their collective mind.

(Substitute people of America reelected Bush and you can see how America looked to the rest of the world in 2004.)
Add / Read Comments
Torture is not a policy. It is a crime. Add / Read Comments
Former Vice President Dick Cheney is opposed to an investigation of torture and those who authorized it. I'll bet he is!!! Add / Read Comments
Closing Guantánamo isn't the point. This is America. "Book 'em or let 'em go." Add / Read Comments
Closing the prison at Guantánamo does not mean releasing terrorists onto American streets. Does anyone seriously believe that that is what is being proposed??? Add / Read Comments
If Bush, as Commander-In-Chief, has the right to authorize the use of torture, why didn't Saddam Hussein have the right to authorize the use of torture? Add / Read Comments
Americans expressed their anger and revulsion after seeing the video that recently surfaced of a woman being whipped in Pakistan. What would we have said if instead of being whipped, she was being waterboarded? Add / Read Comments
Nancy Pelosi isn't the one who tortured prisoners. Add / Read Comments
Spot the irony
The US government refuses to turn four Uighur prisoners held at Guantánamo over to China "because they might be tortured."
Add / Read Comments
Nuclear proliferation is inevitable. Add / Read Comments
The Libyans recently welcomed home a mass murder (convicted of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland) after he served an abbreviated prison term. Where did they learn that? Add / Read Comments
Having a black president doesn't mean that white people shouldn't have to pay their taxes. Add / Read Comments
We have not recently seen the biggest increase in news sources in our history. Instead, we have seen a gradual diminution in the effort by organizations that gather and report news. Add / Read Comments
The news business isn't going broke because of the internet. It's going broke because it has gone from being a government watchdog to being a government stenographer. Add / Read Comments
Republican tax policies shift the tax burden from the wealthy to workers. Interest and investment income should be taxed at the same rates as wages, and the estate tax should remain intact. Add / Read Comments
Rising income disparity is making segments of America resemble a third world country. Add / Read Comments
Republican governors who refuse to take stimulus money aimed at assisting the unemployed appear to think that our poor people are just not poor enough. Add / Read Comments
We shouldn't be asking how we can bail out investment firms who hold bad mortgage paper. We should be asking why middle class and working people can't pay their mortgages. Add / Read Comments
It is indeed infuriating to think that a lot of "rich kids" have frittered away their money and now they want the taxpayers to replace it to the tune of $700 billion. The problem is, it isn't their money that they've frittered away. It's ours. (Checked your retirement account lately?) Add / Read Comments
The recent "Wall Street bailout" scheme is a giant conflict-of-interest. Add / Read Comments
Oh well…so much for "supply-side" economics. Add / Read Comments
It took the Bush administration more than a few weeks to make this financial mess. We should allow the Obama administration more than a few weeks to clean it up. Add / Read Comments
The current economic crisis isn't the fault of middle-class homeowners. Add / Read Comments
The millions dolled out by A.I.G. in bonuses are chump change. The real issue is the billions they dolled out to their "counterparties," the big Wall Street banks, which have already received billions more in direct taxpayer bailouts. Add / Read Comments
Fraud is not an "innovative financial product." Add / Read Comments
While it is painful to see the federal government borrowing and "printing" huge amounts of money to stimulate the economy, history demonstrates that it's the right course of action under the current circumstances. Add / Read Comments
After the biggest banking catastrophe since the Great Depression, 19 out of 19 banks just passed a government administered "stress test." That tells us a lot more about the test than it does about the banks. It also tells us a lot about the Treasury department that devised and administered the test. Add / Read Comments
If we knew for certain that a country had a weapons plan that would result in major metropolitan areas all over the world being destroyed, would it justify regime change by military force? Add / Read Comments
Americans own 3% of the worlds oil reserves, but consume 25% of the worlds oil supply. Drilling offshore or in ANWR won't fix that. Dropping cluster bombs on poor people in the middle east won't fix that.

We can't "drill and kill" our way out of our energy predicament.
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Is the cap-and-trade bill passed by the House a tax? A surcharge? A necessity? A boondoggle? Add / Read Comments
Wealthy interests in Washington have concluded that the survival of humanity is simply unaffordable.
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Oh well…so much for "deregulation." Add / Read Comments
So…you can't run a country indefinitely on federal borrowing and consumer debt? Who knew??? Add / Read Comments
The Pentagon is just a rat-hole down which we pour money. Lots of money. Add / Read Comments
Only news outlets owned by corporations that are also heavily involved in munitions sales would present a defense budget increase from $513 billion to $534 billion as severe defense budget cuts. Add / Read Comments
Dick Cheney and his clique initiated the invasion and occupation of Iraq to create a trough of federal money for his cronies to stick their snouts in. Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration (and Bush himself) engaged in criminal activity for years. It's way past time to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute these crimes. Add / Read Comments
Our dependence on foreign oil and foreign loans is allowing some of the staunchest dictatorships in the world to take over the world economy without firing a shot. Add / Read Comments
America is not a nation of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants don't take jobs that Americans aren't willing to take, instead they work for wages that Americans aren't willing to work for. Add / Read Comments
Business interests contend that the American economy will collapse without the 12 million immigrants that are here illegally is legitimate. If that's so, then lets open the immigration spigot, grant them citizenship, give them Social Security accounts, drivers licenses, mortgages and REGISTER THEM TO VOTE. Like that idea, anti-labor business owners? Didn't think so. Add / Read Comments