Law and Order
When economic conditions deteriorate, crime goes up. Add / Read Comments
There is no legitimate need for a typical person to own an assault weapon. Add / Read Comments
When a criminal commits a violent crime with a gun, and that gun was obtained by a dealer who failed in his legal obligation to screen that criminal, then the gun dealer is partly liable for that crime. Add / Read Comments
Marijuana prohibition causes more harm to society than does marijuana. Add / Read Comments
You can buy assault weapons, but you can't buy marijuana because it is hazardous to your health. Can ANYONE explain the logic in that? Add / Read Comments
Rush Limbaugh gets 30 days in rehab for buying illegal prescription drugs, while Tommy Chong gets nine months in prison for selling bongs and pipes (no drugs) on the internet. Enough said. Add / Read Comments
The death penalty, while acceptable in theory, is immoral in practice due to the inability of our current justice system to administer it fairly and with certainty of guilt. Add / Read Comments
Hanging nooses in a tree is a prank that is in bad taste. Six people attacking one person to the point where he has to be hospitalized is assult that should be prosecuted. The two do not equate. Add / Read Comments
Corporate crime takes more money out of people’s pockets than does street crime. Add / Read Comments
The government does not have the right to tell people who can get married and who can't. Allowing gays and lesbians to marry does not affect hetrosexual marriages. Denying a subculture equal rights is un-American. (This whole issue is just a pitiful attempt by Bush to change the subject.) Add / Read Comments
Out of 280 million Americans, can't we find one person to nominate to the Supreme Court whose most important qualification isn't that she's a bible-thumping flat-earther? Add / Read Comments