Instead of asking, "How do we pay the outrageous costs of prescription drugs?" we should be asking "Why do we pay the outrageous costs of prescription drugs?" We shouldn't be importing Canadian prescription drugs, we should instead be imitating Canadian price controls. Add / Read Comments
Limiting the cost of prescription drugs would lower health insurance costs. Add / Read Comments
Health care costs have risen 59 percent under Bush. Add / Read Comments
Our goal shouldn't be to reduce malpractice awards, it should be to reduce malpractice. Limiting lawsuit awards does not lower the cost of insurance. High malpractice premiums are the result of insurance industry stock losses, not malpractice awards. Add / Read Comments
The current solution of "drug benefit cards" designed to save seniors money on prescription drugs doesn't actually save any money at all. It just shifts the costs from drug consumers to taxpayers. The Bush administration secured the passage of the new Medicare prescription drug benefit by misleading Congress regarding the cost to taxpayers of the program. Add / Read Comments
The amount that Americans spend on health insurance today through employer programs and private policies would pay for a single-payer universal health care system. Add / Read Comments
Access to legal abortions, and even birth control pills, are rights that we take for granted and that can be rescinded. Add / Read Comments
Therapeutic cloning should be allowed and even funded by government. Add / Read Comments
There is no inherent link between employment and health insurance. Add / Read Comments
Bush's new big idea for tackling the health insurance problem is to tax our health insurance payments? Is he nuts??? Add / Read Comments
The effects of the much-hyped Republican scheme to outsourse the Medicare Drug Plan to for-profit insurance companies have been somewhat less stellar than predicted by its Republican creators. The choice is not between government control versus individual control of health care. The choice is between government control versus corporate control. Add / Read Comments