Judith Miller did not sacrifice herself to protect a whistle-blower. She was being stubborn to protect her own access to the sewage that spews out of the White House. Add / Read Comments
Objective reporting does not mean giving the lie and the truth equal time. Add / Read Comments
There is nothing wrong with people getting some portion of their "news" from Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. Add / Read Comments
Think you're well-informed because you watch lots of TV news? Think again. The Bush administration is quietly distributing propaganda in the guise of TV news reports, paying TV pundits to praise its policies, and hiring lobbyists to distort scientific reports. Add / Read Comments
The monopoly of the public airwaves by the right wing is not the result of more demand in the marketplace. It is because all of the broadcast media that we receive is filtered through corporate ownership. The sole exception to this - PBS - is now being taken over by Republican apparatchiks. Add / Read Comments
If your local newspaper endorsed George Bush in the presidential election, there may be something you can do about it. Add / Read Comments
The primary purpose of the major news outlets from which we get most of our information (newspapers, television, magazines) is to serve as vehicles for advertising. Add / Read Comments
The American media has a conservative bias, not a liberal bias. Add / Read Comments
The public interest, convenience and necessity is best served when the various media outlets are owned by more, not fewer entities. Add / Read Comments
The recently enacted CAN-SPAM bill designed to curb unsolicited bulk email is a loophole ridden gift to the spam industry at the expense of the consumer. Add / Read Comments
The current decline in music sales has more to do with the declining quality of the product than with internet file swapping. Add / Read Comments
Disney refuses to release Michael Moore's new movie "Fahrenheit 911" because it fears Jeb Bush, Florida governor and brother of George W. Bush, would rescind tax breaks granted to the Disney company in Florida. Add / Read Comments