Our culture has made the mistake of confusing deregulation with freedom. "Deregulation" simply means regulation that favors corporations over consumers. Add / Read Comments
The current economic crisis is just the latest iteration of the boom-and-bust cycle that can be observed in any historical analysis. Add / Read Comments
Tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs for the middle class. Add / Read Comments
2003 was a record setting year for personal bankruptcies and personal debt. 2004 was even worse, and in 2005 barkruptcy rates continue to rise. Add / Read Comments
The irresponsible fiscal policies of the Republican led government decrease the value of the dollar abroad, which makes it more expensive for Americans to travel. Add / Read Comments
Bush doesn't want a solution to global warming that devastates the American economy. His tax cutting plan has already attended to that. Now all he needs is a global warming strategy that devastates the environment. Add / Read Comments
Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will not solve our dependency on foreign oil. We must NEVER give the oil companies a chance to do to ANWR what they did to Prince William Sound in 1989. Add / Read Comments
There is no "free" market. Add / Read Comments
The solution to the globalization crisis in the developed world is not for labor to concede to wage, insurance and pension cuts, but rather for management to reform itself so that it is nimble enough to respond quickly to the changing demands of the marketplace. Add / Read Comments
Tax simplification and flat tax are not the same thing. Tax Simplification: good. Flat tax: bad. Add / Read Comments
The fundamental problem underlying the current financial situation is that our economy is built on federal borrowing and consumer debt. The proposed solution is to borrow $700 billion and ram it into the banking system so that Americans can borrow it from the banks. What's wrong with this picture? Add / Read Comments
Giving a tax cut is not a great accomplishment. Balancing the budget so you CAN give a tax cut is a great accomplishment. Add / Read Comments
Bush is not imitating the tax policies of President Kennedy when he cuts taxes. Add / Read Comments
The current federal debt that the current administration is incurring in our name is forcing the U.S. to borrow billion dollars a week, and about half of that comes from foreign entities. Add / Read Comments
You canít borrow your way out of debt. Add / Read Comments
The 2006 federal budget trotted out by the administration in February 2005 that is supposed to eliminate the federal deficit in 4 years actually increases spending by 8%. Add / Read Comments
Bush administration (and Republican led Congress) incompetence is quantified as US deficit hits record $413 billion. Add / Read Comments
Under the Bush administration's leadership, the U.S. trade deficit continues to set new records. Add / Read Comments
Dick (The man who puts the "vice" in the Vice-Presidency) Cheney speaks, SpinShield respondsÖ Add / Read Comments
While the Bush administration trots out cheery economic numbers, Americans feel the pinch of the real economy. Add / Read Comments
The Bush administrations contention that the economy is improving is simply not true for average Americans, and they bear a substantial amount of responsibility for the current economic slump. Add / Read Comments
Elderly Americans pay for a record increase in Medicare benefits while Bush continues to tout extending tax cuts for the elites. Add / Read Comments
A life with inherited wealth has given Bush a sense of entitlement which makes him unable to see the problem with spending taxpayer money without restraint while at the same time insisting (via tax cuts) that the bill doesn't have to be paid. Add / Read Comments
The 2001 "energy crisis" in California manufactured by Dick Cheney and Enron CEO Ken Lay that cheated millions out of electricity rate payers in California was just the warm-up for the record setting gasoline prices of 2004. Again, someone is getting very rich at the expense of consumers. Add / Read Comments
The people who produce the goods and services should receive the lionís share of the profits those goods and services generate. Investors are due what remains. Add / Read Comments
Increases in the minimum wage should be tied to congressional pay raises. Add / Read Comments
The people that make the most money are not necessarily society's "most productive members." Add / Read Comments
The Republican strategy is to "shrink the size of government until we can drown it in a bathtub." The result will be the opportunity to privatize services currently provided by government so that they generate more profit for investors and less services for citizens. Add / Read Comments
The Republicans real ambition is to shrink the middle class until it's small enough to drown in New Orleans. Add / Read Comments
A small businessman would rather his customers had money than his lenders. Add / Read Comments
Republicans are quick to praise the virtues of the free market and to deride government handouts until their corporate contributors (or colleagues) want government money. Add / Read Comments
Bush seeks to balance the federal budget on the backs of poor children, old folks and the handicapped, while eliminating taxes on investment income and estates that billionaires pay and spending $622 billion on the military (over $2000 for every man, woman and child in America), much of which goes to contractors that donate to the Republican party. How much greed is enough? Add / Read Comments
Slavery in America never really went away. Add / Read Comments
Current free trade agreements between the United States and its trading partners have initiated a "race to the bottom" of the wage scale. Add / Read Comments
The stock market reaches record highs while corporations cut back or eliminate pension funds. Once again, as the Republican government sits idly by, money earned by American workers is redirected from those workers to the idle rich. Add / Read Comments
Republicans have just pushed through a bankruptcy bill designed to punish people who accrue irresponsible debt. These are the same Republicans that are borrowing over one billion dollars PER DAY to keep the federal government running. Irony here, anyone?
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Republican policies encourage corporations to set up off shore tax dodge schemes to avoid paying taxes. Working people pay higher taxes to make up the difference. Add / Read Comments
If the current crop of trade agreements create more jobs in America than they send overseas, then why are we over a million jobs in the red during the last three and a half years? Who's doing that math?!? Add / Read Comments
When Republicans say they want to pay for Katrina reconstruction with "off-sets" (spending cuts) they are lying. They want to pay for it by borrowing. (The cuts they do recommend will come at the expense of the working and middle classes.) Add / Read Comments
The Bush economic policy has hurt the middle class while it benefits the elites. Add / Read Comments
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tx) perpetuated the standard Republican lie on the Senate floor in early August 2006 with her comment regarding the estate tax. Add / Read Comments
The policies of the Democratic Party benefit working people, while the policies of the Republican Party benefit the "investor class." Add / Read Comments
Offshoring American jobs is bad for American workers. Add / Read Comments