Iraq shouldn't even be a category! Iraq never posed an urgent threat to the United States, nor did it have anything to do with the 9/11 attack. The simple fact is that BUSH LIED ! ! ! Add / Read Comments
Freedom fries? Cheese eating surrender monkeys? Ooops…turns out the French were right! Add / Read Comments
The administrations claim that "everybody thought Hussein had WMD before the invasion" is simply not true. Add / Read Comments
If the torture at the Abu Ghraib prison was the responsibility of a "few bad apples" and not the responsibility of the U.S. government that supported them, then why was the 9/11 attack not the responsibility of a "few bad apples" and not the responsibility of the Talaban government that supported them? Add / Read Comments
More "Spot The Irony"
Former Guantánamo Bay interrogators refuse to answer questions.
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You can't justify rounding up hundreds of people in sweeps and holding them indefinately without trial or even charges, by feeding them two kinds of fruit. Add / Read Comments
He-Man George W. Bush was afraid to stand toe-to-toe with a tired heat-stressed mother who camped outside of his Texas ranch. Add / Read Comments
The U.S. military is falling far short of its recruiting goals. Where are all of the people who voted for Bush in the 2004 election? Recruiters are standing by! Join now!!! Add / Read Comments
Anti-war activism can make a difference. Add / Read Comments
What looks like "freedom and democracy" to George W. Bush looks a lot like military occupation and puppet government to the rest of us. Add / Read Comments
Your family's share of the Iraq invasion/occupation could amount to $46,400 if the war goes on another 5 years. (That's as of Nov 2007) Add / Read Comments
At the beginning of the Iraq occupation, the US government said that when the Iraqis wanted the Americans to leave, they would leave. Now the Iraqi government has rejected the licence of US security corporation Blackwater. Will the US government make good on its promise and pull Blackwater out of Iraq? Add / Read Comments
The Newsweek article referencing the desecration of a Koran at Guantánamo Bay is not the cause of anti-Americanism in the middle east. Add / Read Comments
The two main strategies that the Democratic congress is using to oppose the occupation in Iraq are both mistakes. Add / Read Comments
The current administration learned the wrong lessons from Vietnam. Add / Read Comments
So there was an election in Iraq…haven't we seen this before? Add / Read Comments
We can't win a complicated war against terrorism with a simple President leading the way. Add / Read Comments
The U.S. is angry because Iran and North Korea want to possess nuclear weapons. The U.S. is angry because Syria has troops in Lebanon. Does anyone see the irony in this? Add / Read Comments
What's the difference between Iraq and Vietnam? Add / Read Comments
Iraq (and much of the developing world) is indeed awash in weapons. But it isn't Iran that's supplying them. Add / Read Comments
Hey Rumsfeld,
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The invasion of Iraq was, at least in part, about the profits of US oil companies and support industries for the oil industry and the military. It provides an opportunity to privatize Iraq's natural resources for the benefit of U.S. corporations. Add / Read Comments
The Iraq invasion allowed Republican cronies to get their hands on billions of dollars of Iraqi money. Add / Read Comments
"A political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your commander-in-chief." - George W. Bush (The President Who Cried Wolf) Add / Read Comments
British MP George Galloway put U.S. Senators in their place regarding the U.S. invasion of Iraq when questioned by a U.S. Senate subcommittee. Add / Read Comments
One of the three charges that Saddam Hussein will be tried on in his upcoming court case is "invading and occupying Kuwait in 1990." (We couldn't make this stuff up.) Add / Read Comments
If a foreign military rolled its tanks down your street, imposed a curfew in your neighborhood and shot on sight anyone on the streets after "lights out," and demanded that you and your neighbors immediately turn over all weapons or be subject to house-to-house searches, what would be the reaction of you and your neighbors. Would it matter if the invading military claimed to be there to help you? Would you resist? Would you consider your resistance an "insurgency of terrorists?" Add / Read Comments
So now September 2007 is here and we're waiting for a respected Army General to tell us what is wrong with Iraq. The last time we found ourselves in this position, we wound up listening to another respected Army General, Colin Powell, tell us about all of the weapons of mass distruction in Iraq. Add / Read Comments
George Bush presided over more executions in Texas than any other state, and dropped around 18,000 bombs on Iraq in the space of about 3 weeks. Then he preaches about a "culture of life." Next he rails aginst "moral relativism." Who on Earth can listen to this guy with a straight face? Add / Read Comments
Ahmad Chalabi, the neo-con men's first choice to lead Iraq after the invasion, turns out to be the "Mr. Haney" of the middle east. Add / Read Comments
The U.N. Oil-For-Food program in Iraq prevented Hussein from developing a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Add / Read Comments
Bush (and the Republicans) continue to criticize Kofi Annan for allegedly giving his son a privileged opportunity. Bush's crusade to spread irony around the world continues. Add / Read Comments
At the very time that Bush needs more "volunteers" to supplement the overextended military, his union-busting, overseas outsourcing, Wal-Mart-ization of the job market has created a pool of economically devistated potential recruits. What a coincidence! Add / Read Comments
It does matter if no weapons of mass destruction are found in Iraq. Add / Read Comments
The question isn't "Wasn't Hussein a bad man?" Of course he was. The question is "Is Iraq in better or worse shape with what they have now?" Add / Read Comments
The choice is not between "fighting the terrorists in Iraq versus fighting them at home." The invasion of Iraq has increased, not decreased, the chances of continued attacks on the U.S. and its allies. Add / Read Comments
There never was a "coalition of the willing" in the Iraq invasion. Nor was the invasion an effort to enforce the will of the U.N. Add / Read Comments
The plot for "Iraqi sovereignty" was simply a ploy to put an altruistic face on the Iraq occupation and to buy time while the administration continues to carve up the spoils and hopes the situation improves. Add / Read Comments
The occupation ended with the "surge" last November. The Democratic surge in the Congress that was the result of the election, that is. Add / Read Comments
Members of the Bush administration each agreed on the invasion of Iraq for their own reasons (none of which had to do with US national security or benevolent compassion for the Iraqi people.) Add / Read Comments
Sending 150,000 of our best and brightest on a fool's errand for false reasons does not constitute "supporting the troops." Add / Read Comments
The current perspective on the Iraq invasion from both parties is that we have to "stay the course" in Iraq, regardless of whether it was right or wrong to go in in the first place. OF COURSE it matters if it was right or wrong to go in from the beginning, and the determination that we make regarding that issue should and will influence how we proceed in Iraq. Add / Read Comments
We are training and equipping an Iraqi military that we someday may have to fight. Add / Read Comments
Rep. John Murtha, Senator John Kerry and Senator John McCain are decorated war heroes. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney dodged military combat. Add / Read Comments
Iraqi insurgents are killing Iraqi police and police recruits systematically, regularly and in large numbers. Iraq has ALREADY spiraled into civil war. Add / Read Comments
Cheney lies again about the collaboration between Hussein and al-Qaeda. Add / Read Comments
Iraqi oil revenues are not going to pay for Iraqi reconstruction after all. Add / Read Comments
The issues at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital go way beyond moldy walls and rat infested buildings. The U.S. is about to spend 650 billion dollars on defense this year. Yet troops on the ground still don't have body armor or armored Humvees. Where is the money going???

Bush's budget (and privatizing the Iraq occupation) has resulted in lucrative contracts for mercenaries and military contractors while denying low-pay grade soldiers a living wage and adequate V.A. benefits.

The Bush adminstration isn't "supporting the troops", it's supporting the defense contractors corporate executives.
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Bush is railing about the Iranians suppling weapons to Iraq, while the U.S. continues to be the largest supplier of arms in the world. Add / Read Comments
The Iraq invasion is starting to reveal its many similarities with the Vietnam war. Add / Read Comments
Hussein is captured. Big deal. Add / Read Comments
Congress did not have access to the same intellegence information that Bush had during the selling of the Iraq invasion in 2002-2003. Add / Read Comments
The Iraq occupation will end when the military runs out of soldiers. Add / Read Comments
New testimony emerges that the Bush administration covered up connections between the Saudi government and the 9/11 hijackers. Add / Read Comments
America is not engaged in a WAR in Iraq, we are engaged in an OCCUPATION. (They are not the same thing.) Add / Read Comments
The occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq is indeed about oil. Add / Read Comments
We're not leaving Iraq until they pass the "Oil Law." The "Oil Law" is shorthand for privatizing the oil industry (nationalized by the late Hussein) and awarding long term contracts, the profit margins of which are far in excess of standard oil contracts in that region, to American and British oil companies. Add / Read Comments
Bush administration supporters have dwindled to a few "dead-enders." This administration is in its "last throes." (To quote a couple of the administrations favorite phrases from the initial days of the Iraq occupation.) Add / Read Comments
Bush finally defines victory as "a country that can govern itself, sustain itself and defend itself." Iraq fit that description BEFORE THE INVASION. Add / Read Comments
There was never going to be a legitimate trial for Saddam Hussein. Add / Read Comments
NEWS FLASH ! ! ! The National Intelligence Estimate has concluded that if you drop 18,000 bombs on a country and then invade and occupy it, people in that country and their sympathizers are likely to seek retribution. DUH ! ! ! Add / Read Comments
The U.S. WAS in Iraq before 9/11. Add / Read Comments
Rumsfeld was right when he said there are analogies between World War II and the current battle in Iraq. Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration has already achieved victory in Iraq when you consider that the reason for the invasion was to provide lucrative contracts for Dick Cheney's croinies. Add / Read Comments
Rumsfeld wants to imitate the Cheney approach to getting rich…manufacture a threat and sell the solution. Add / Read Comments