Americans actually elected a Democratic House of Representatives in 2012 Add / Read Comments
The modern Republican party is not the "party of Lincoln." Abraham Lincoln would not recognize the Republican party of today. Add / Read Comments
Once again the right-leaning media in the US has managed to create a self-fulfilling perception among Americans that there is going to be a mass defection of Democratic reps and senators in 2010. Add / Read Comments
Mitt Romney has adopted the campaign platform of Steve Forbes. While paying lip-service to the ideology of social conservatives, he is essentially running to enact a platform that will lower his own taxes. (For the sake of the federal deficit, It would raise our taxes to at least partially make up the difference.) Add / Read Comments
Some activities are legally impermissible but morally defensible, while others are legally permissible but morally repugnant. Do we want to elect a president who has amassed a fortune operating in these gray areas? Add / Read Comments
All we need to know about Mitt Romney. . . Add / Read Comments
How exactly is Mitt Romney's business experience going to help the federal government? Is he going to try to launder the federal debt through a Cayman Islands bank account? Add / Read Comments
There is nothing in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that limits voting rights to drivers. Add / Read Comments
Jeremiah Wright didn't bog us down in an unnecessary foreign occupation.
Jeremiah Wright didn't cause gas to head towards $4.00 a gallon.
Jeremiah Wright didn't cause the largest disparity between workers and the wealthy since 1928.

They're doing it again!
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Facts about Obama and McCain tax plans. Add / Read Comments
Hasn't Governor Gidget had her 15 minutes yet? Add / Read Comments
"Today, news reports indicate that Russian military forces crossed an internationally-recognized border into the sovereign territory of Georgia. Russia should immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory." - John McCain - 8/8/08

[Irony alert!!! Substitute "Russian" with "American" and "Georgian" with "Iraqi."]
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John McCain didn't "misspeak" when he linked Al-Qaeda to Iran. Add / Read Comments
John McCain was never tortured as a POW. He was just subjected to harmless pranks by the North Vietnamese. (At least according to Bush administration's definition of torture.) Add / Read Comments
John McCain is not a liberal. Add / Read Comments
Did the protesters in 1773 have to get a permit from the city of Boston to dump the tea into the harbor? Add / Read Comments
If experience is the most important attribute in a presidental candidate, than the current ranking of the Democratic contenders is inverted. Add / Read Comments
Al Franken Is A Big Fat Senator! Add / Read Comments
The majority of Americans agree with the basic philosophy of the Democratic party. Add / Read Comments
Which Rudy do you support? Add / Read Comments
Who is Mike Huckabee? Add / Read Comments
Bush's victory was based on misconceptions about major issues. Most of his supporters disagree with his positions, but continue to support him because they aren't aware of his positions. Add / Read Comments
Campaign contributions DO affect decisions made by elected officials, generally in proportion to the amount of money contributed. (The entire Iraq occupation is an exercise in generating contracts for Republican contributers…like Blackwater.) Add / Read Comments
A working person voting for a Republican is like a turkey voting for Thanksgiving. Add / Read Comments
Soldier John Kerry botched a joke. Deserter George Bush botched a war. Who would you vote for? Add / Read Comments
The recent wave of electronic voting machines is vulnerable to tampering and should be made more secure, preferably with some kind of voter paper trail. Add / Read Comments
Tim Griffin is being appointed US Attorney General in Arkansas because, as Karl Rove's assistant and under his instruction, he assembled "caging" lists that were used to deny (disproportionately minority) voters their right to vote in the 2004 election. Add / Read Comments
Has the Justice Department really been using U.S. attorneys to go after their political opponents? Would the illustrious Mr. Gonzales really do that? Add / Read Comments
The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee you the right to vote. Add / Read Comments
Republican officials in several states (who like to champion the attributes of democracy around the world) have made a concerted effort to disenfranchise minority voters in order to throw elections to Bush. Add / Read Comments
"The Hammer" is about to become "The Hammered." Add / Read Comments
The Bush administration and the Republican party are not the "moral values" party. Add / Read Comments
When Karl Rove and the Republicans say they have a "post-9/11 mindset," what they mean is that they have an "exploit-9/11 mindset." Add / Read Comments
What George Bush, Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris did in the election of 2000 was worse than what Richard Nixon, Jeb MacGruder and Gordon Liddy did the in election of 1972. Add / Read Comments
At this early stage in the presidential race, Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have raised record-breaking amounts of money. What we should be asking BOTH parties is… who gave them that money and what do they expect in return? Add / Read Comments
Bush is well known for his own set of "flip-flops." Add / Read Comments
Cheney implied that if Bush was defeated in the 2004 election, we would be attacked by terrorists. Has it occurred to him under whose watch all of this terrorism has occurred? (Hint: It wasn't under Clintons.) Add / Read Comments
Howard Dean's comments deserve to be considered in context. Add / Read Comments
The US government could take simple steps to increase embarrassingly low voter turnout. Add / Read Comments
Palin/Quayle in 2012 ! (Whadda ya think, Vern?) Add / Read Comments
Republicans want an election held over and over until they get the result they want. Add / Read Comments
Of course Jack Abramoff is connected to Bush. Add / Read Comments
Linking the "Swift Boat Stooges For Bush" to Bush is a lot easier than linking al-Qaeda to Saddam Hussein. Add / Read Comments
Bush's military service record does matter. Add / Read Comments
Accountablity lasts longer than a "moment." Add / Read Comments
Senator Kerry did not vote for the war in Iraq. He voted to give the current administration the authority to go to war if it was warranted. Bush betrayed the trust of the Congress and the nation by abusing this authority. Add / Read Comments
It has been reported that Florida election officials have made attempts to intimidate black voting advocates. Fortunately, the group they’ve chosen to intimidate are "elderly black people." Add / Read Comments
The difference between the Kerry and Bush service records during the Vietnam era ARE important. Add / Read Comments
John Kerry could have made his case more forcefully in the first debate on Sept 30th. Add / Read Comments
The Democrats do not have to nominate a "middle-of-the-road" candidate in order to win the Presidency. Add / Read Comments
As Bush's poll numbers plummet, he is about to learn that "you can't fool all of the people all of the time." The Bush presidency is in its "last throes." Add / Read Comments
Democrats should not run for President urging the repeal of all of the tax cuts. Add / Read Comments